The Sweat 6am “1,2,3 Program”

Classes with a 1,2 and 3 are designed to give you a complete training program throughout the week.

Boxing Bootcamp

Fasted-paced interval boxing training on the heavy bags, with explosive, high-energy exercises to enhance your boxing performance.

Boxing, Legs and Core

Lower body workout designed to improve balance, tighten your core, and give you those sculpted legs and rear.  Put it together with boxing on the heavy bags for the ultimate power hour.

Interval Athlete

This intense, high-energy workout alternates high and low intensity drills to improve speed, agility, coordination, balance and strength.

Long and Lean w/TRX

Get that long and lean look by sculpting with high reps using lights weights and interval boxing, and finish up with abs and legs.

Punchers Class

The “how to” of boxing.  Learn proper form and technique to throw beautiful punches and winning combinations, while also focusing on footwork, balance and movement.

Power and Punch

Train your way to the next level with resistance and strength training using Kettlebells and weights.  Polish it off by hitting the heavy bags.


An intense full body workout that uses boxing with heavy bags, dumbbells and body weight for resistance training.

Sweat Bootcamp

This fast-paced class provides an intense and challenging full body workout.  Our instructors are prepared to modify movements to accommodate individual needs and conditioning.

TRX and Sculpt

Use your body weight for resistance training on the TRX.  Polish your physique with high reps using lighter weights.

Single Class...$15

Contender Card...$115
(10 Class Card)

VIP Membership...$80/month
(Unlimited Classes for 30 days)

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6am    (1) Interval Athlete

Noon   Boxing Bootcamp

5pm    Boxing, Legs and Core

6pm    Sweat Bootcamp


6am    Boxing, Legs and Core

9:15am   Sweat

5pm    Sweat Bootcamp

6pm    Punchers Class


6am    (2) Long and Lean w/ TRX

Noon   Sweat Bootcamp

5pm    Power and Punch

6pm    Boxing Bootcamp


6am    Punchers Class

5pm    Punchers Class

6pm    Power and Punch


6am  (3) Power and Punch

9:15am   Sweat

Noon   Sweat


8am    TRX and Sculpt

9am    Punchers Class


9am    Sweat

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